Spring Wildflowers 2010

I visited the Wildflower Center in Austin again this spring. The first trip was for the Center's Artisan Festival on March 13th. I'd always wanted to go to the art show, and this year I finally did. It's a small show, about 20-30 artists displaying a variety of art - jewelry, paintings, woodwork, etc., mostly in flower-related themes.

I snapped a few pictures of some giant bug sculptures around the center grounds. The giant dragonfly peers down at all guests who enter. :)

Unfortunately the show happens about 2-3 weeks too early to enjoy any blooming flowers at the wildflower center. But there were some spectacular blooming trees, here and around town.

I made an unplanned trip several weeks later, over Easter weekend, and this time I got my wish: wildflowers everywhere! Saw tons of bluebonnets, and some sort of yellow flower that looked like yellow clouds in the fields. Everything is green and beautiful and a joy to see after the dreary months of winter.

-- Kira