It's that time of year again... BreyerFest is here! This year I created a fantasy model for the BreyerFest Best Customs contest: "Kellkindren", the forest kirin!  He is a gentle spirit who looks over and protects the woodland realm. He is a friend to all the creatures of the forest, from the tallest of trees to the tiniest mouse. His delicate stripes of light and shadow help him blend into the background of the forest, and the leaves in his twig-like mane and tail rustle as he walks. According to folklore, catching sight of the rare forest kirin is a sign of wisdom and good fortune.

Kirin appear in many Eastern/Asian legends and mythology, depicted as a combination of several real animals. Sometimes they are more dragon-like, sometimes more deer-like or horse-like. Some are depicted with one horn, some with two; some have scales or a mane of fire. For Kellkindren I imagined a forest-dwelling kirin, lean and elegant like a deer, with deer-like antlers and a twining branch-like tail. Golden leaves sprout from his mane and tail, spreading magic where they fall...

Kellkindren is 1:12 scale, customized from the Breyer "Malik" Arabian stallion mold. His antlers, mane "twigs" and tail are sculpted from Cosclay, a type of polymer clay. It's flexible when cured, so although these look very delicate, they are actually pretty durable! The individual leaves in his mane and tail are a mix... some are sculpted of clay but most are paper. I also sculpted the two tiny cardinals (birds) out of an air-drying clay.

Want to see Kellkindren in person? If you'll be at BreyerFest this year, come by the Artisans Gallery at the Clarion and look for him there!

Want to own him? You can add this gorgeous fellow to your collection! I'm taking offers on him through noon CDT Friday, July 19th (the Friday after BreyerFest). Starting offer is $500. Paypal preferred; shipping is included! If you'd like to make an offer, please e-mail me at

He comes with his base, the two little birds, and there's also a tiny mouse hiding in the grass! 😊

-- Kira