Mini Bristol

Back in 2018 Breyer released a new Premiere Club model named "Bristol", a lovely jumping warmblood in buckskin tobiano. When I came across this little Stablemate-size jumper resin, I knew I had to paint him to be a "mini-me" Bristol! This is the "Wee Jay" resin, a shrinky version of Sommer Prosser's "Extreme Justice" resin. He was released in mini scale by Stacey Tumlinson in 2009. He's just 6" long from nose to tail! I painted him to a lovely dappled buckskin tobiano pinto, with mapping on his markings, cat-track spots, striped hooves, and handpainted silver horseshoes. 

Sold in 2023.

Here’s what his new owner said when she received him:
“Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm so blown away! Bristol is gorgeous, the details are extraordinary 😍 ❤️ I'm so taken aback at how beautiful he is!”

-- Kira