Little Lonestar: The Hairy Details

I'm slowly making progress on the Little Lonestar. I airbrushed the solid colors onto the model; now I'm handpainting the little details. A typical frame overo horse has jagged, almost lace-like edges on the white markings:

(Image courtesy the American Paint Horse Association)

Here's the right side of Little Lonestar after some detailing. I've still got a ways to go... but he's looking good so far.

I use some fine-point paintbrushes to paint the details. I like to start with new brushes, because after a horse or two, they tend to look more like the ones on the right...

I still save the old brushes though, as they're great for using with pan pastels.

Anyway, back to the detailing. I'll post some pix when he's finished. :)

-- Kira