Flying Dragon pendants

I'm off to the Texas Renaissance Festival tomorrow. I'll be wearing one of my sterling silver dragon pendants, and am also taking along a few cards in case anyone asks about it. I have three of these castings left; if you'd like one, they're $35 plus $5 shipping in the US (e-mail me for international shipping rates). The pendant comes with a leather cord necklace. You can choose the eye color for your dragon; I have tiny Swarovski crystals available in dark red, amber/golden, turquoise blue, light blue (shown below), and pale green. IMHO the best colors are turquoise, amber and lt. blue; the red is so dark that it doesn't show up well, and the green is a bit light. But you can choose whichever you like :)

Not sure if/when I might have these cast again, so if you'd like one, order it now!


-- Kira