Curly Q Gypsy Vanner Foal in Resin

This is Curly Q, a Stablemate scale sculpture I completed in 2017. He's a Gypsy Vanner foal (inspired by a real Gypsy foal of the same name), and he's super-cute! He's got lots of newborn foal fuzz, a fluffy little mane and tail, and a bit of feathering on his gangly legs. He's ready to scamper into your herd!

Curly Q is approx. 2.75" long (nose to tail) and 2.5" tall. He's professionally cast by Mountain View Studios in white urethane resin, and has a wire rod in his hind leg and tail. Base is included (model is removable from the base).

Original Photos:
These are pictures of the original sculpture (click for larger images):

Resin Photos:
These are pictures of the cast resin (click for larger images):

-- Kira