Dark Bay Mini Marwari

This is one of the mini Marwari resins I painted for BreyerFest this year. The 2017 BreyerFest guest horse was a Marwari, and I was excited to paint a model of this unique and unusual breed.

The resin is by Sarah Rose; she sculpted and released the Mini Marwari back in 2013. It's been sold out since then, but I was able to purchase two unpainted resins last year from a fellow collector. The model is stablemate-scale, approximately 3.5" long/tall.

I painted and finished him using gouache acrylics to a dark dappled bay, with a big white blaze and four high socks. I airbrushed the base coat and shading, then went in with a tiny paintbrush (and magnifier!) and handpainted all the details: hoof stripes, dappling, veining, shading, hair details around white markings, a pink nose, and one blue eye and one brown eye. He turned out super nice! I've decided to keep him for my own collection.

Photos: (click for larger images)

-- Kira