Artisans Gallery 2021

Here are the painted micro-minis and resins I had for sale during the 2021 BreyerFest Artisans Gallery! These are all sold; join my mailing list if you'd like to find out when I have new work available!


Micro-mini bucking bronco
This is "Micro-Naut", a feisty little bucking bronco sculpted by Rayvin Maddock of Khrysalis Studios! He's a 3d-printed resin, and he's only 2" tall! I painted him a dark dappled dun.


Stablemate Gypsy Cob
This is the Stablemate-scale "Finnegan" resin sculpted by Stacey Tumlinson. I customized him a bit (lengthened his tail), then painted him to a palomino pinto, with soft dapples and a small splash of white on his belly. He has such a gentle face, and a big white blaze with pink nose. A real cutie!

Motor & Terora

Micro-mini fighting mustangs!
These micro-mini pewter mustangs were sculpted by Maggie Bennett. I just love these tiny fighting dudes - they're just 2.5" tall! I painted Terora a fiery golden chestnut color, and Motor is a bay roan with all the handpainted hair-by-hair details. They turned out amazing!

Annie & Ducat

Micro-mini Shire mare & foal
Here's another pewter pair sculpted by Maggie Bennett: Annie & Ducat, a Shire horse mare and foal. I painted them both a bright red bay. I also made a nice custom base for the two of them, so the mare can graze while her foal scampers around beside her. Ducat also still has his original base, so he can be shown separately.


Stock mare
Here's a very special Stablemate resin: "Moxie", the stock horse mare sculpted by Sarah Rose. I originally painted this model back in 2016, and took her to BreyerFest to sell, but she suffered a broken leg on the flight there. I repaired her leg, and then handpainted hair-by-hair roaning all over her. She's really stunning!

That's all for now! Join my mailing list if you'd like to be notified of new releases, commission slots, and other arty stuff. :)

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-- Kira