Another Little Lonestar Arrives!

I got another blank Little Lonestar in the mail today from Sarah Rose. Yay! I think this was one of the last orders that snuck in before she got swamped with Affinity orders :)

Now to decide what color to paint him... a light dun, or a golden palomino, or perhaps a darker frame overo? Hmm... decisions, decisions.

Eventually I could do all of those colors (I have a few more of these guys on order from Sarah), but I don't expect to see any more castings for a few months.

-- Kira


Posted by celeste on Mar 24th, 2012:
How about dapple gray? I love dapple grays! (BTW, I found this site through the company name generator you so kindly put up for free on the web. I'm a horse lover too! And I love your artwork!)

Posted by lex on Mar 30th, 2012:
i love breyers i actually have a huge horse lover !!!i only have one custom breyer. i also love to draw horses especialy arabians. love ur site!
Posted by Kira on Mar 31st, 2012:
Thank you both! I'm probably going to be going with more "western" colors on these, Celeste, but don't worry - I have two Andalusians in the works also, and they're both going to be dapple grey :)

-- Kira
Posted by Ed on May 2nd, 2012:
Found your page through your domain name suggester (thanks - very useful!).
Love the pictures of the horses, think you draw really well....hope to see some more some time!