Houston Quilt Show 2009

I visited the International Quilt Festival in Houston last weekend. I don't make or own any quilts, but I admire the artistry in these, and I love all the colors. Here are photos of some of my favorites. I like nature themed quilts, as well as bright colors and anything sparkly. :)

The photos are mine, but the quilt designs are copyright their respective artists. (Mouseover the image to see the quilt and artist's name.)

There were also some art dolls on display:

There were hundreds of other quilts that I didn't get photos of. There's also a separate exhibit hall *filled* with vendor booths (I didn't even go in there this time, since my feet were hurting after walking around for hours looking at quilts). This is a huge show, and you really need at least two days to see the whole thing. But it's an amazing show, well worth the visit if you like quilts or fabric arts.

-- Kira