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July 9, 2019:
BreyerFest 2019 App
A new app this year, for both iOS and Android read more
June 1, 2016:
BreyerFest 2016 App
The BreyerFest app is now updated for 2016! read more
July 15, 2015:
BreyerFest 2015
The BreyerFest app is now updated for 2015! read more
July 6, 2014:
BreyerFest App 2014
The BreyerFest app is now updated for 2014! Plus a web app for Android and other phones... read more
July 13, 2013:
BreyerFest App 2013
The BreyerFest app, now updated for 2013! read more
July 16, 2012:
BreyerFest 2012!
New this year! An iPhone app for BreyerFest! read more
December 12, 2011:
Draw Lights: Christmas Lights for iOS
Here's a new holiday Christmas lights app for the iPhone! read more
November 17, 2011:
New Christmas App
Working on a new Christmas app... read more
October 6, 2011:
Steve Jobs
Some great quotes about and from Steve. Can't believe he's gone. read more
August 15, 2011:
Summer Eggster
I've updated my easter-egg game Eggster, now with a new Summer board! read more
November 19, 2010:
Holiday Bells
Holiday Bells is now out for the iPad! Play Christmas music with the handbells... read more